Meet the Carusos

Caruso’s Cafe is pleased to meet you, Friend!


The Cafe, located at 110 South Main Street, Naples NY once housed a home-town favorite Cafe, The Grainery. When the Grainery closed down during quarantine due to COVID the town of Naples lost a local hub that would be hard to replace but the family of Caruso’s Cafe held fast to a vision, worked tirelessly at renovations, incorporated local artists, local farmers, local bakers, and made their vision come to fruition. Caruso’s Cafe is the crossroads of food, friends, and coffee. Nourishing our community through great food, good conversations and organic coffee makes our heart happy! We offer a wide variety of lunch & breakfast items including many gluten free and vegetarian options. We can’t wait to meet you, friend!

THe Carusos

We are Jodi & Mark Caruso, owners of Caruso’s Cafe. Jodi is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Mark is a Carpenter. Together we make quite a team sharing a passion for great food, family, and serving our community! We have four children: Sequoia, Willow, Carmella and River. Family is very important to us and they have all worked hard to help make the Cafe a reality. While raising our children we have also been small homesteaders growing gardens, harvesting berries, raising chickens, turkey, pigs and more. We take the quality of our food, and the impact on the earth seriously. That is why we source local, nitrate free, organic, non-GMO food as much as we can! We are so blessed to serve you! Our family invites you to come visit!