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1.5 years

1.5 years ago, that is how long ago I wrote the last Blog. I think about writing. I think about many things, but they don’t always manifest. This past weekend my family escorted my Mother to see the ELVIS movie(it is such a great movie) and after watching the movie I realized that while we… Read more “1.5 years”


It is after midnight. The September night air chills my bedroom as I listen to our dogs snoring. After helping my twelve year old son with his social studies homework, I fell asleep. I vaguely remember him kissing me goodnight. I woke up about midnight from a horrible nightmare. I was at the Cafe making… Read more “Nightmare”

Wild Weeks

Wow, has it been a wild first two weeks of being in business. We have had the complete pleasure of being complimented hundreds of times, being cursed at, yelled at and of course the unfortunate coffee machine blunders. One day with a burn on my wrist, a coffee geyser, and a cut on the tip… Read more “Wild Weeks”