One Day

“One Day” was something my husband, Mark always used to say to me. I had herniated a disc in my lower back giving birth to Willow(15 years ago) and 4 days after she was born I couldn’t walk. The pain was excruciating. I opted out of painkillers because I was nursing. I opted out of surgery. My doctor told me it would take about a year to heal two herniated discs that slipped while giving birth. My right foot was numb. My leg and back were in constant pain. I ended up crawling for about 3 months and have calluses to this day. Every night I would ask my husband when would the pain stop and he would say, “One day.” Well that day came almost 12 months later when I finally started to feel my toes. When Mark and I took on this project to renovate this rental property and open a restaurant we really didn’t know exactly what it was going to entail. The renovations became a, “One Day” it will be done. As I type this on the eve of our Grand Opening that “One Day” is finally here, just like the feeling in my toes, and the healing of my back-the “One Day” finally arrived. It has been grueling, working 15 hour days and sleeping as little at two hours a night. The many details in owning and running a restaurant along side the physical work put us to the test. Friends, family, strangers all appeared to help us. I could’t remember at the end of the day if I had even eaten. My eyes struggle to stay open even now. I am ready to rest my head because that, “One Day” has arrived for Caruso’s Cafe. We get to serve You! We are so honored to offer this space to our local community! For all of you out there that are going through trying times, remember that all of you have a- ” One Day.” We are just so grateful my friends!

One thought on “One Day

  1. Mark and Jodi,
    So happy for you that your “One Day” is finally here! We wish you all the best in life! God Bless!
    💗The Sciorilli Family


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