Wild Weeks

Wow, has it been a wild first two weeks of being in business. We have had the complete pleasure of being complimented hundreds of times, being cursed at, yelled at and of course the unfortunate coffee machine blunders. One day with a burn on my wrist, a coffee geyser, and a cut on the tip of my finger I was really having a few doubts run through my head. Then a sweet little blonde haired girl of all of five or six years of age told me how much she liked the table art, and the flowers and her smoothie. Then when it was time for her and her mom to leave the cafe she said, “I really wish I could give you a hug.” My heart leapt! We invented a dancing hug. We danced to share our happiness, and off she went. It is moments like this at the cafe that keep us going. We at Caruso’s Cafe want you to feel safe, comfortable, and nourished. The special Egg Scramble has had such success in providing a satisfying healthy nourishment to our customers. On two separate occasions a customer told me they would lick their plate if they could! Sadly, local zucchini and yellow squash are coming to a close as we make way for butternuts, pumpkin squash, acorn, spaghetti squash and local NY apples! Autumn Harvest soups are on the menu this week, apple fritters, apple crisp and homemade biscuits and gravy will soon be making an appearance. It has only been two wild weeks so hold on as we continue to fine tune our wheels of operation in providing you with the best Cafe experience. Please come talk to us and help us grow. We love to hear directly from our customers. Mark and I would like to thank our family for visiting, our awesome staff for their super hard work, our customers for their patience, feedback and patronage. We look forward to the next two wild weeks of running Caruso’s Cafe here in the beautiful Naples, NY. This week’s special is for all our teachers- A free cup of fair trade organic coffee with your purchase! I can only imagine how wild your weeks are going to be. We, at Caruso’s Cafe wish everyone the best this week as school resumes. Oh, and we got in Pumpkin Spice! In peace, Jodi Caruso

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