It is after midnight. The September night air chills my bedroom as I listen to our dogs snoring. After helping my twelve year old son with his social studies homework, I fell asleep. I vaguely remember him kissing me goodnight. I woke up about midnight from a horrible nightmare. I was at the Cafe making soup and inside the cafe it was bright, cheerful and smelled like garlic but outside was dark, smoke filled and fires were raging. There were people in the cafe chatting. My son was also at the cafe with his social studies book asking me about Abraham Lincoln when the door blew off the front of the cafe and flames jumped inside. I rushed to my son as everyone in the cafe ran for the back door. Panic, screaming, and stampeding for the back door down a hallway already filling with smoke. I clung to River. At this point I woke up from the dream. My heart was racing. After my heart calmed down I went to check in on my children, walked through my house, and opened the door to listen to the September night. My heart is in my throat as I type this. The fires out West that are claiming lives, destroying homes, killing wildlife, and burning millions of acres of land weighs heavily on my heart. Like many thing in the history of humanity this will have lingering long term affects. Already products are hard to obtain due to COVID and now products from the West Coast may be more difficult to secure. When someone comes to the cafe and we are out of a product please know we have done everything we can to secure products but the world has things like wild fires, COVID, limited production due to loss of staff and many items like gloves are manufactured only in China. Please note that all of your cafe, restaurants, and favorite eateries are doing the best they can to serve you. Have patience and know that outside your bubble of need the world is fighting fires, battling viruses and crusading for change. We are trying our best to secure as much local product as possible. Our soups which have been made this week with ninety -nine percent local homegrown vegetables have sold out daily. Nourishing you and serving you makes us happy at the Cafe. However, remember that if we are out of product there is good reason for it. In my nightmare the cafe was illuminated with goodness and garlic but when the fire jumped in the front door my dream then demonstrated that we are all vulnerable to the world around us. We are not alone in our needs friends. We will keep making soup, coffee, and sourcing local produce to serve you while acknowledging we are all touched by the fires. Have patience, be grateful but most of all have faith in humanity. We can heal, change and rise up. The coffee is on, there are four soups to select from today, we have local apples, local seedless grapes, and outdoor seating. We are here to serve you the best that we can. My heart is calmer now, the snoring dogs snuggled in around me. My son completed his social studies homework and is safe in his bed. I am headed to find sleep without nightmares now. Thank you friends for you patronage, for your patience and for your understanding of the interconnected network of people, products and peace. May you sleep well.

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