1.5 years

1.5 years ago, that is how long ago I wrote the last Blog. I think about writing. I think about many things, but they don’t always manifest. This past weekend my family escorted my Mother to see the ELVIS movie(it is such a great movie) and after watching the movie I realized that while we work, age, and raise a family, life is sneaking on by-those dreams, goals, and aspirations get pushed to the far corners of our life. Soon, you are either too old to do some of the things you had dreamed of doing, or you are just too busy working at work, working at home, working to raise kids, working to save for kids, working…well you get my point. Every single minute is a chance to create connections, and the connections with others, and with our inner self will help us to remember those goals, dreams and, aspirations. Have that delicious Espresso and remember to make time to manifest your dreams, or you will watch Elvis like I did and think to yourself, “Dang it, I am getting aged and I haven’t reached all of my goals, and dreams.’ I tell my son River that tomorrow is not promised, and to seize the day. He says to me, “Mom, you sound like an inspirational quote people hang in their bathroom.” I may sound like that-but it’s true. We have this one life, tomorrow isn’t promised, so go for it! Just remember along the way to stay Kind, Humble, True to you and always take time to look in the mirror with a smile for you are unique, one of a kind, and beautiful! You are also aging every day-so live in the moment and reach for the moon! Life on Earth is so very crazy right now, but when hasn’t it? Stop by the Cafe, have a specialty drink, share with us your dreams and lets dream together-shall we? Happy summer folks, see you soon!

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