2.5 YEARS….whew!

The last blog I wrote was over a year ago! Holy good Moly folks. Blink and another year flies right on by. So much has happened I really don’t know where to start. We lost the patriarch of my husband’s family, Lee Caruso. We lost a dear family member, Michele Fairbrother. We celebrated my sister’s 50th and Mark’s 50th Birthday. It has been a year of such immense grief and such immense joy. Being at Caruso’s Cafe we have leaned on our dear patrons when hurting and we have held you as well. We have cried over cups of coffee, and we have laughed over delicious soup. We have met so many very incredible people from all over the world and you know what -we are all just human-imagine that! Many folks have moved here from NYC , Washington, Boston and, other cities. They are surprised by this amazing, close-knit community and equally surprised that we know what a London Fog is and how to make a Cafe Cortado. We have had members of the touring Hamilton group stop in, we fed 244 Complimentary Thanksgiving meals to our community, we have cheered on our local marching band, sports groups, supported home school co-ops, and have done our best to give back at every turn. We know how blessed and fortunate we are to be here and we Thank you dearly for your continued support. We promise to continue our work with local farmers to keep local produce, eggs, baked goods, dairy and, meat available. Mark and I work together seven days a week, we work all day, we work most nights….and the good thing is that after 2.5 years we still really dig each other. I think that is a major accomplishment. Not that we don’t fight-sometimes we have to break out pool noodles and battle it out but he is still the grooviest guy that reminds me to relax. We laugh, ride the motorcycle and hang out with our four kids. They are super cool and teach me as much as I teach them about life. People ask us if we are happy with the Cafe. It is more than happy, it is home. We pray that you feel at home when you come to eat at Caruso’s Cafe. Our amazing kind staff greets each of you with warmth and an open invitation to sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal. If Mark and I are busy and can’t come and say Hello, please know we are grateful you are here! We are Thankful you stopped by today and wish you the very best. May we all put our best foot forward, give Thanks for the farmers, the growers, the doers and the day. May the crossroads of food, friends and family serve you for years to come! May 2023 offer healing, health, hope and a dang good espresso! See you soon, Jodi & Mark Caruso

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